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At Punch Out Gaming, we pride ourselves in helping gamers fill their collections at an affordable price. 

Our store is located in Forest Lake, Minnesota. Every day we are shipping product worldwide. Check back daily as our inventory continues to grow!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Bluelight VR to bring you the best Virtual Reality Arcade Gaming experience around, we have added two state of the art Wireless VR Arcade Gaming stations to our store. Get immersed in more than 80 different games and experiences all without a tether to the real world. Never tried virtual reality before? No problem! Our staff can assist you getting started with a quick tutorial. It's easy to jump in and have fun with whatever type of experience you're looking for. Play solo or join your friends in epic VR matches. There are tons of casual experiences that are fun and easy for people of all ages.

You can rent a station for $15 for 30 minutes or $30 for 60 minutes.

• While only one person can play at a time you can have up to 4 players per reservation.
• We have space for people to hang out and watch the action on the screens.

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